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The Gallery at Indian Hill

Melba I. Juez-Perrone: Harmony of Colors and Notes

Oil Paintings
On view January-February

Location: Camilla Blackman Hall at Indian Hill Music
36 King Street, Littleton MA

General Exhibit Hours: M-F 9am-8pm; Sat. 8am-4pm*

Artist Reception: Friday, January 5 from 6-8pm
Featuring a special performance by the artist's husband, cellist Jan Muller-Szeraws, an internationally-renowned solo and chamber musician.

*PLEASE NOTE: Contact Indian Hill before planning your visit as there could be an event in our gallery space: 978.486.9524 (press 0). The works are available for purchase; inquire at Indian Hill Music or contact the artist.

Artist Statement:

Melba sees painting as a visual representation of the poetry living in the figure. Her love for painting flourishes out of a vivid inner world that craves color and searches for meaning and form. Her paintings are an amalgam of her multi-cultural background and experiences. Melba paints at her studio in Harvard, MA, and participates in workshops with renowned local artists.

About the Artist:

A native of Guayaquil, Ecuador, Melba Juez-Perrone developed a strong appreciation for art early in life. But it was not until after she moved to Boston and completed her B.A. degrees in Economics, German Language and Literature, and International Relations that Melba started taking art lessons and followed her passion for painting. After receiving her Master's in International Relations from Boston University, Melba continued her painting journey by taking drawing and sculpting instruction at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education with David Andrus, Eric Bornstein, and Shoe Regna. In particular, Andrus’ workshop gave her the opportunity to freely explore the vast world of figurative painting.

The turning point in Melba‘s career came the year she wrote her Master’s thesis. She had moved to Houston to take care of her father who was battling cancer. It was after the loss of her father and when she moved back to Guayaquil to be with her mother, that she found refuge in the art studio/gallery of painters Patricia Matamoros and Antonio Mafaldo. Melba started painting on a daily basis. While exploring the mysteries of color and composition, she found her unique voice.

After her marriage to cellist Jan Müller-Szeraws and moving back to Boston, Melba’s search for additional instruction led her to take courses with Catherine Kehoe and Christopher Chippendale at Mass Art. These lessons were very stimulating in color technique, drawing, and set-up preparation. Chippendale opened the window to the joys and challenges of plein air painting. During this time, Melba worked hard on developing her painting and drawing skills, while parenting her three children and working as a consultant. After an exhaustive search, in 2012 Melba found a studio space in Chelsea, MA, to which she commuted from her home in Newton.Her path led to Cynthia Packard, a painter and human being that Melba greatly admires. She has been fortunate to participate in many workshops offered by Packard, who constantly reminded her of the importance of the search for the honest inner voice.In 2016, Melba and her family moved to Harvard, MA, searching for a spiritual and physical space to paint.

Melba has participated in numerous art events and exhibitions. She is represented by Artifact Gallery in NY, where she had a solo show in January 2017. Other exhibitions include Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (group show, 2017), Art Monaco, Monte Carlo (2016), Spectrum with Artifact Gallery (2016), New York Art Expo, Manhattan (2015 and 2016), Gallery at Spencer Lofts Gallery, Chelsea (group show, 2015), Pearl Street Gallery, Chelsea (group show, 2015), Sprinkler Gallery, Worcester (group show, 2015), BCN Art at Casa Batló Barcelona (2014), and Rotterdam International Art Fair (2014), among others.

Melba is grateful for the opportunity to show her work at Indian Hill Music. Learn more

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